Our clients have many job responsibilities.  At Riverside we advocate for you and your valuable employees by conducting open enrollment meetings, answering questions and resolving claims issues so you have more time to focus on your work.

We work to provide year-round service and support that is unmatched in our industry.  We utilize our industry expertise to negotiate the best possible rates for all your benefit plans.  We work closely with you to select and implement your plans.  We conduct open enrollment meetings where we encourage your employees to contact us directly with any questions or claims issues.  We also provide your employees with 24/7 access to their benefits.  We also offer customized assistance with ongoing plan administration from onboarding through COBRA administration.  We want to help you and your employees get the most out of your benefits as quickly and efficiently as possible.


With 20 years of experience, we work to ensure our clients are compliant with all federal and state regulations.  We supply tools to help you educate your employees on important issues.  We also provide free access to certified HR experts for when complex, and potentially problematic, situations arise.